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About Information Energy 2019

Empowering intelligent technologies

Information Energy is a unique event where information specialists can engage with designers of technology to promote mutual understanding. Learn about emerging solutions, give your feedback, and influence where Information 4.0 is going - join us in Amsterdam this April.

Information Energy 2019 focuses on how we empower emerging technologies with information. In 2018, we were centred around natural conversation, machines and humans working together, and trying to understand the roadmap to AI.

In the last year, we can observe new initiatives in research and implementation to find practical industrial applications. In products and services, chatbots are becoming the norm, as predicted by Forester Research, and Silicon Valley investors are betting on voice bots. In Deep Learning, progress is being made in linguistics, and real applications are developing in areas such as medical diagnostics and, with somewhat less success, human resources. Data security, privacy, and fake news continue to be ever-present issues.

Looking at things that work

Information Energy 2019 continues our exploration of the relationship between information and technology, focussing on examples that work now or will in the near future.

We will highlight these main themes:

  • Predictive maintenance
  • Information and the Industrial Internet of Things (IIOT)
  • The changing structure of learning under the influence of Information 4.0.
  • Semantic AI - where are these technologies going and how can they help us?

Prospects and Reality

Each day of Information Energy 2019 provides a focussed look at a different aspect of these issues.

On Day 1 We will listen to researchers and thought leaders talk about what they are doing today that works, and their view of the near future. On day 2, you can engage with speakers and your colleagues who are working in these fields. Small-group networking sessions provide opportunities to connect directly with keynote and other presenters as well as your fellow attendees in a less formal setting. Workshops provide hands-on experience with some aspects of emerging technologies that are working today and have impact on our disciplines.

Information Energy 2019 is designed for you by tcworld GmbH and The Information 4.0 Consortium.