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Information Energy speaker

Mark Poston

CTO, Congility, UK

Foto Mark Poston
Mark Poston has worked for Mekon for 20 years. During that time he has worked on many custom and innovative content delivery solutions for customers. Starting with implementing Adobe FrameMaker and interactive Adobe PDF solutions, he became the accredited European trainer for Quadralay Webworks, and developed solutions that took the product to its limits.
Moving into publishing SGML and XML solutions, he took on a more consultative role within Mekon. This led to the development of the original version of what is now called DITAweb.
As DITA became a more popular standard, Mark identified at a very early stage that DITA offered the basis for improved dynamic delivery, and started to lead development on a DITA-based delivery solution. Since 2006 he has been presenting on the concepts behind dynamic delivery.

Mark has since worked with many customers implementing DITA-based content delivery solutions, and leading the technical requirements of DITAweb. As well as DITAweb, Mark has also led the development of IdXML, a plugin for publishing DITA into Adobe InDesign. His experience and knowledge of DITA, and involvement in DITAweb since its inception has led to him becoming the CTO of Congility.

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