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Information Energy speaker

Jones Lukose Ongalo

Information Management Officer, International Criminal Court in The Hague

Foto Jones Lukose Ongalo
Dr. Lukose is currently the Information Management Officer at the International Criminal Court in The Hague. He is responsible for the design, implementation and maintenance of integrated digital repositories for the Court. This responsibility involves the execution of the IM Strategy that covers both administrative and judicial areas of the Court.

Dr. Lukose has over 18 years professional experience in Information Management, Records and Archives Systems Automation, Software Development, covering studies, Databases and Artificial Intelligence, Simulation, Commercial Systems, training, supervision and execution of IS and RM policies. He is highly experienced in implementation of Records Management Standards, Information Management requirements, with specialisation and experience in digital records and archiving systems. He has extensive experience in public and private sectors as a project manager skilled in executing large Knowledge Management and Information Management implementations.

He holds a BSc in electronic engineering, Msc in Organisational Development, a PhD Computer Science and an MBA. He is currently doing research on staff motivation and digital culture in judicial areas.

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