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Information Energy speaker

Dan Needles

Principal DevOps/Cloud Consultant, NMS Guru, Inc.

Dan Needles
As a developer in the early 1990s at Oracle and VISA, Dan was at the forefront of development in the infancy of the information age. Since then he has worked with over 50 Fortune-500s, Government Agencies, and Startup Companies coaching and participating in the transformation of their technological and cultural fabrics. He embraces security through transparency and trust as the industry transforms from silo-based roles, tools, and generations to an open-flow through devops, open source, and infrastructure as code as well as business process as code.

Dan is an industry speaker and published author, using both non-fiction and fiction to convey the technological battles, culture clashes, and hidden agendas, weaving the inexplicable wonders of new age technology with the relationships and conflicts of the people involved.

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