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Information Energy speaker

Brigit van Loggem

Senior documentation developer, CGG Geosoftware

Birgit van Loggem
For some twenty-five years I have worked as a documentation designer and developer. Over the years I have developed a deep understanding of documentation as an information package, delivered through different channels to meet different requirements. I learned to analyze not simply the immediate information needs but to identify the underlying requirements in terms of product, process, workflow and development. I also learned to consider all the available options and to pick and choose, and finally develop a complete package of documentation products. Such packages could include a user manual but equally well helpdesk services, content management, checklists, on-line reference, worked examples or self-paced training materials.
In all the projects on which I have worked, I always strove to harness existing skills within the organization; supplementing them with my own theoretical and practical knowledge and skills. These projects have taught me much about people’s information needs and the way they approach documentation. An ever-growing desire to deepen my understanding sent me back to university; yet I have never lost the drive for combining theoretical insights with practical application. Documentation development is a multi-disciplinary endeavour that deserves more attention than it currently gets. I feel strongly that combining theoretical research with real-life practice is of benefit to both.

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