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Short Networking Session: Connect With the Speakers

This is your chance to connect in small groups directly with speakers, thought leaders, and your fellow attendees. Some speakers will host a small table where you can discuss themes from the conference with them for 15 minutes.

There will also be new 15-minute presentations on related subjects. You will have the opportunity to choose four sessions in this hour of “speed networking.”

Short presentations:

  • "The Age of Research & Assistance – Where TechComm and MarComm meet" Wouter Maagdenberg, TXTOmedia
    Where MarComm raises the interest, it often is TechComm that wins the customer over. In the Age of Research it is all about specs and facts that count, but also the way it is presented. The ability to show ‘the right piece of information’ starts with understanding what that right piece of information is (MarComm), and having that piece of information available in the right format (TechComm). That’s where things go wrong; Browsing a 347 page PDF on a smartphone while shopping is not considered ideal. Here new technology kicks in, turning text into rich media, such as how-to videos on-the-fly.
  • "Is Content Delivery Possible Without Breaching New Data-privacy regulation?" Fabrice Lacroix, Antidot
    We will introduce you to new global privacy rules and explore how they will impact your operations, how your content delivery platform will be affected and the R&D you will need to manage your users’ data. This is a reformulation of your relationship with your customers’ data, and we will tell you what your next steps should be.
  • More presentations by the speakers of day 1.