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One for All, All for One: Multi-Product Documentation for a Single Experience

Priscill Orue | Room 2, 2. day, Workshop

In our days, technologies are formed by interconnected services with the goal of offering a wide range of capabilities to enhance productivity in the corporate realm, by the means of a single user experience (UX). This integration can be among products of the same company, or from third-parties.

As examples of service interconnection aimed at specific functionalities, they include:

  • Promoting APIs from different providers across environments.
  • Combining the functionalities of mapping services with conversational interfaces
    (chatbots with GPS to register transportation expenses, for instance)

If integrated services can offer a single UX, documentation also needs to integrate different bodies of knowledge to be consistent with the products, by finding a balance and uniformity across several sources of information. In the attempt to have a documentation that reflects a streamlined process, Technical Writers need to deal with the following goals when integrating content from products of the same and different companies:

  • Deal with multiple happy paths.
  • Avoid content duplication (or even multiplication).
  • Manage documentation of products with interdependence for specific features.
  • Maintain references to third-party documentation.

This interactive session will include a brief discussion of how the communities of practice deal currently with integrated documentation, analysis of case studies and a summary of the approaches to work with content from different sources.