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Cooking Up Effective Shared References

Eric Reiss | 1. day, Lecture

Do you invite friends and family to taste the pot you've got simmering on the stove? Do you insist on looking inside books before you buy them? Do you check your watch against clocks in public places? Most of us do. We create shared frames of reference - with our families, with authors, with official timekeepers - and hundreds of others. These shared references give us confidence. They build trust. They help us avoid mistakes and misunderstandings.

On the Web, creating shared references means giving visitors the information they need to make informed choices. In other words, the site owner and visitor have tasted the same bowl of soup. Unfortunately, most websites and apps don't do this very effectively.

Moreover, we are now entering the age of Information 4.0 and AI. Today, it has become even more critical to acknowledge and solve share-reference issues. After all, if a human cannot understand something, how can we expect Alexa or Siri to understand either? And as we break down larger pieces of information into usable chunks that can be recombined to provide a more personalized experience, how can we ensure that related pieces of information stay together? After all, if content is king, context is the kingdom. And that means metadata creation and the practice of information architecture have become more important than ever before as they provide the all-important context.

Want to know more? I hope you’ll join me in Amsterdam, NL on April 11,2018!

Understand how content creation and content engineering interact to produce quality.

  • Learn from real examples in major organisations just how great an impact shared references can have
  • Learn how to better integrate the tools and techniques at our disposal to create and distribute more effective content
  • Acquire some simple tips and tricks that will help you build stronger shared references with your users