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Closing Keynote: What's Working: You and Your Current Capabilities!

Andrea Ames | 2. day, Lecture

The implications of Industry 4.0 and Information 4.0 have a lot of folks excited – some good excitement and some bad. If you're excited for the possibilities, good for you! If you're stressed and preparing for the worst – like being replaced by "the machines" and losing your job – the good news is that there's no need!

If you've weathered any of the most recent changes in the delivery of user assistance, training, documentation, etc. (because at its core, that's all Information 4.0 is – a change in how we deliver content), then it's very likely that you have the capability to skate through this one, too.
(Spoiler alert: The skills you need are likely ones you already have!) 

In this interactive discussion, Andrea will describe her CCMM (Content Capabilities Maturity Model) and explain why these skills are the most important for carrying you through change – any change, including this one. You'll get a chance to take her CCMM assessment to help you discover where you are on the scale.
Then she'll provide you with resources for every stage to progress to the next level on the scale.