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What Does it Mean to Be an Educated Person in a World Where humans, machines and information are interconnected?

Patrice Prusko | Room 1, 1. day

Information, robots and humans are becoming increasingly interconnected. What are the competencies needed to solve the wicked problems that lie ahead as we weave in technology that makes decisions for us?

It is more important than ever that there is global access to the learning experiences needed to ensure there are opportunities for lifelong learning for all. It’s the job of educators to ensure that all learners currently working in the technology and information fields have the skills and competencies needed to navigate a world with changing employment needs, and the social, political and ethical implications of designing bots and intelligent agents.

In this interactive session participants will explore:

• What it means to be an educated person in 2018 and beyond
• How to use the SenseMaker tool and methodology to collect the statistical data and explanatory narrative needed to answer the question, “How do we create more stories of thriving communities?”
 • How we might reimagine pedagogical approaches to curriculum design and use of emerging technologies to meet the needs of industry and society