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VMware Case Study: Generating Abstractive Content Using Deep Learning

Steve Liang | 2. day, Room 2, Workshop

Machine Learning and AI are hot topics for both engineering and content teams, but it can be daunting to get started with an ML project.

When executing your AI strategy, it’s important to clearly define the business use cases and explore different ML techniques to achieve new, ambitious goals. Hear the Content Strategy team at VMware speak about their recent project to use TensorFlow to train machine learning models that automatically creates content abstractions of product documentation.

In this workshop, VMware will cover sample use cases that can be addressed with natural language processing, deep learning, and chatbots. The team will review their ML use case and give audience members clear steps to get started with machine learning. Participants will also get a primer on natural language processing techniques and hands on experience building a simple interactive chatbot with BotEngine.


• Machine Learning 101
• Applications of supervised and unsupervised learning
• VMware Case Study o Choosing an ML framework and DL model
     - Data collection, preprocessing, and transformation
     - Model training o Model evaluation and results
• Building a simple chatbot
• Getting Started with ML at your company
• Next steps in ML for VMware