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Preparing Your Content for Intelligent Machines

Rob Hanna | Room 2, 2. day

Tool Presentation by Precision Content

Intelligent agents and AI-powered cognitive content solutions perform best with machine-ready content—intelligent content designed to be read by humans and processed by computers. To deliver the right answer to prospects and customers who have questions, you’ll need to optimize your content production approaches and begin crafting content with the precision humans appreciate, and machines require. There’s no reason to create new departments full of writers dedicated to creating content specifically for chatbots and voice interfaces. A better solution is to leverage existing marketing and product content for these new delivery channels. To do so successfully, and at scale, you’ll need bridge the gap between technical communication and marketing by developing a coordinated effort designed to produce high-quality content at scale; content that is accurate, timely, and contextually-relevant.

Attend this session to better understand the need for intelligent content and its applicability to chatbots, voice interfaces, and intelligent agents. You’ll discover the world of micro-content and the importance of framing information for intended user responses. And, you’ll find out how aligning information types to memory encoding principles can help you dramatically improve content performance.

We will explore the

• path to Content 4.0 with the Internet of Things (IoT) and voice interfaces
• impact of microcontent and focus on smarter, richer, compact content
• importance of standardized metadata and classification
• use of information typing to support intended reader response, and
• writing techniques needed to support language arts for information and personal response.