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Let’s Grow up! From Lego duplo to Lego Technic. Or: Why Semantics really Matters.

Martin Ley, Matthias Gutknecht | 2. day, Workshop, Room 1

Some predict that technical writing will be obsolete due to semantic technologies.


Others claim that the techcomm department will be the most important department in an organization. In this workshop we will elaborate the enormous potential of technical communication – assuming that we will be able to perform the paradigm shift from large monolithic documents (Lego duplo) to highly flexible and intelligent semantic units (Lego Technic). This in turn will fuel current technologies and enable powerful applications adding real value to our customers.

Introduction: Three steps to semantic information management

Semantic Info Management Application Examples:

• Semantics for materials, intervals, flatrates
• Semantics for failure networks/diagnostics and 3D models

Semantics and Industry 4.0/IoT:

• Bringing information to live on a smart services server
• Voice assistant made easy with semantic information

Discussion: Current and Future of Semantic Information Management