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Keynote: Will Intuition Machines and Conversational Cognition change how we use Deep Learning in the Information World?

Carlos E. Perez | Room 1, 2. day, Lecture

I’ve got this ominous feeling that 2018 could be the year that everything just changes dramatically. The incredible breakthroughs we saw in 2017 for Deep Learning is going to carry over in a very powerful way in 2018. A lot of work coming from research will be migrating itself into everyday software applications. As I’ve done last year, I have predictions for 2018, some of which will be talked about.

Intuition machines will bridge the semantic gap
This is my most ambitious prediction. We will bridge the semantic gap between intuition machines and rational machines. Dual process theory (the idea of two cognitive machines, one that is model-free and the other that is model-based) will be the more prevalent conceptualization of how we should build new AI. The notion of artificial intuition will be less of a fringe concept and more of a commonly accepted idea in 2018.

Conversational Cognition
The way we measure progress towards artificial general intelligence (AGI) is antiquated, rather a new kind of paradigm that addresses the dynamic (i.e. non-stationary) complexity of the real world is demanded. We shall see more coverage of this new area in the coming year.

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