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Contextualised embedded user help design for software

Andy McDonald | Room 2, 2. day

Tool Presentation by Tech Advantage

Our approach to embedding contextualized user help improves the entire user experience. So we didn’t make just another documentation tool. Documentation shouldn’t deliver everything at once. Contextual design means providing information only when needed and offering additional content for users who want more. In this way, you imagine a user journey, and users create their own journeys.

edc helps you imagine information in a whole new way based on user personas to ensure the right content is designed for the right person:

• Developers create UI bricks-the DNA of your product. This is where users see content or your product triggers it.
• Contributors use game strategy to stage information based on personas.
• Use a review process.
• or just go live.

A new approach to content design: edc is SAAS software to help developers, content writers, product owners deliver product and content at the same time.