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Chatbots: like a cold shower in the middle of the Canadian winter

France Baril, Toni Ressaire | 1. day, Lecture

Over the years, people have embraced chat support.

Depending on who you ask, you'll find that 40% to 55% of consumers would prefer to use chat over calling for support or using email. When it comes to millenials, the numbers go up to nearly 65%.

Given the popularity of the medium and the fact that the communication passes through computers on both ends, it makes sense that businesses would want to provide automatic questions/answers to their current or future clients.

Bots may be the future, but so far my experience as an implementer and as a user has felt like taking a cold shower in the middle of the Canadian winter. It's been highly unpleasant. As statistics about customer satisfaction of bot support are anecdotal to inexistant, the quest for answers has lead me to look at why people prefer chat over other channels. From there, we can draw a few conclusions about what's missing, and what it means for the future of bots.

What will it take to make bots feel like a cup of hot chocolate in front of a fire place, after a couple of hours of shoveling snow in the cold Canadian winter?


- Issues with assuming user intent and context
- What's wrong with other means of support
- The current state of bot technology
- Issues with redirecting clients
- Where is the bot that supports the bot?
- The place of bots in the support ecosystem
- The place of bots in the business ecosystem