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The Hidden Potential of Structured Content

Rahel Anne Bailie | Lecture, 2. day

Structured content is like a high-performance automobile. There's lot of power under the bonnet, if you've learned the right driving techniques.

Technical authors understand how structured content helps lighten the workload and create efficient work environments. The flip side is finding the right techniques to drive the business benefits of structured content.  

Structure lets content perform at optimal levels, delivering from multiple content sources, to multiple audiences, into multiple channels, through multiple interfaces, and often with more complexity. As we're challenged to meet the needs of more market segments with personalised content in an increasing number of contexts, it's critical to understand how much structure to apply, and how to make that structure stand up under the stresses of complexity and scale.

This presentation connects the mechanics of structured content to the business opportunities, and some basic ways of calculating ROI from a business point of view.