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Panel and Workshop: Using Content Automation to Improve Cognitive Computing and AI

Cognitive computing systems, such as IBM Watson, simulate human thought processes in order to solve problems without human assistance. These systems run by continuously mining and analysing data (or content). The challenge is that in many cases the data being mined lacks the depth of metadata – information about the content – necessary for cognitive computing systems to identify and relay appropriate information.

To solve this challenge, cognitive computing systems, can integrate with content automation solutions, such as Quark Enterprise Solutions, to create Smart Content. Smart Content enables the meaning and context of data to travel with the data from creation to delivery. It also enables the dynamic assembly and updating of content throughout its lifecycle so cognitive computing systems can identify and deliver the right content to the right device at the right time.

Attend to:

  • Better grasp Content Automation and why it’s going to be an essential technology for every large organisation
  • Learn about Smart Content and how to create it
  • Hear how innovative companies are introducing AI into their content processes
  • Understand how AI combined with content automation can increase content reuse, information quality, reduce costs and enhance customer experience