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Opening Keynote: Digital Transformation

Jeannine Peek | 1. day, Lecture

Traditional companies are switching to digital. Companies that have not been involved in IT projects so far run against IOT solutions that bring them into the digital world. An example of this is the waste disposal service that starts using sensors in garbage bags to optimize the process of waste collection and processing and thus "goes digital". Digital transformation has an effect on how companies work, on the processes and the staff.

Organizations that already trust IT also change. Here's a shift from traditional IT management to the cloud. Everything as a Service: flexible and scalable are the keywords.

All this changes bring new challenges. One of them is security. Going digital and cloud solutions bring new ethical problems. Who will be responsible for security and reliability - the software and system developers or end users of the software and systems?

Jeannine Peek gives an overview of the trends in IT and outlines the business framework in which communication and information professionals will have to do their work.