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Molecular Information and its Impact

Andy McDonald | 1. day, Workshop

The basic structural component of Information 4.0 is the Information Molecule - the smallest possible self-sufficient quantum of information. We are no longer talking about documents and maybe not topics as we would see them in the DITA environment.

Information molecules allow very small bits of information to be continuously and easily updated, and to be reused in multiple contexts, which are defined on the fly by AI agents processing sensor data.

This changes the way the design and create this type of information. It will involve designing and writing for multiple personas and experience states, as well as considering information discovery as a multi-scenario journey. These multi-scenario journeys will need to be strategized much like in game design, where the path of discovery cannot be controlled and the flow of information is decided by the user.

In this workshop we will examine this basic concept and how it changes the way we create information. It’s a hands-on session in which we will design molecular information in response to contexts.