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Mapping Conversational Support in Information 4.0

Arthur Boivin, Andy McDonald | Lecture, 2. day

Chat bots are popping up everywhere. They will invade content offering and take over providing information. In this context, they will change the user experience as we may perceive it.

For the moment they are confined to onboarding clients/users into offers, systems and aim at provoking buy-ins. We are about the next steps.

This hands-on workshop will explore how information can be mapped to a user support journey:

  • The link between information 4.0 ripe content already produced and support requirements.
  • How do we design support as a conversation?
  • How do we build for personas?
  • What would happen if the support bot is in the UI?
  • What would happen if the bot knew about contextualization?
  • Where is the human hand-over?

This will be demonstrated using the current state of a concept being developed for the next release version of edc –