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Managing a Content Automation Initiative

Alex Masycheff | Lecture, 2. day

We are living in the automation age, when so many jobs that were done by humans are now moving to robots. Content development is one of the areas where automation can help you reduce costs, speed up time-to-market, and create a new value for your customers.


Just think about a few examples:

  • Your customers can receive context-dependent information about your products tailored to their needs using a chatbot
  • An entire documentation set can be automatically assembled from individual stand-alone pieces of information based on a bill of materials
  • Textual troubleshooting topics can be automatically converted on-the-fly to an interactive flowchart that represents the troubleshooting procedure visually
  • Project documentation, such as requirements specifications, costs breakdown, or sales proposals, can be assembled automatically from project or product requirements

However, a big question is if such solutions that automatically assemble, generate, and aggregate content can be developed and maintained in a standard and cost-effective manner.

In this presentation, we'll discuss what it takes to make the content ready for automation and how you can begin a content automation initiative in your organization.