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Lost in the jungle of information? From chm to faceted search in html5

Martina van den Heuvel | Lecture, 2. day

This presentation covers our journey from the old-fashioned chm Help file to html5 output with faceted search and intuitive navigation possibilities.

We are still in the process of defining our new Help and haven’t achieved our goal yet. My presentation covers the phases we’ve already passed and that we’re planning to pass: first of all finding the path we want to follow, then evaluating the pros and cons, plotting the different scenarios, looking for potential partners, setting up a “simulation” of our new help, building a prototype, inventorying what needs to be done content-wise, and eventually the implementation. Of course I’ll also mention the problems and obstacles we’ve been facing during our journey. I hope that my presentation can help you getting inspired by our ideas and that you will benefit from it.