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Intelligent Information Is Great for Users and Authors

Sebastian Göttel | Lecture, 2. day

As infomedians we work hard to make life of our users easier. Instead of flooding users with information, appropriate information is delivered automatically. Intelligent information fuels these smart applications. Enriched with meta data this information can be matched with context data. But what if intelligent information and smart authoring environments simplify matters also for technical authors? Rich and meaningful meta data not only sharpens your view on your content but it allows to automate processes in your content management system.


In this session, attendees will learn:

  • What are intelligent information in technical documentation?
  • How can they be used in content delivery scenarios (user assistance, service information, training, etc.)
  • The second wave of automation in CCMS
    While the first wave was about automating reuse and layout, the second wave automates working with a CCMS. Instead of manually composing or filtering maps of topics, the CCMS automatically combines and aggregates information products based on the additional intelligent information.
  • Examples

Content 4.0; CCMS; Automation