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The Future of Documentation at Work - a Real Life Case

Peter van Bart | Lecture, 1. day

In this short workshop, I will present and discuss a smart app for technical staff that identifies who you are and where you are and indicates the tasks to be done. It provides the required information for your tasks. Further information for instruction, reference and learning is at hand. You can record what you have done and make comments for improvement. Results and comments are monitored in the back-end.

In this workshop, I will present and discuss Tip4Support. Tip4Support is a new and innovative product supporting maintenance and operating of machines, equipment and technical installations.

It provides the users the information they need to do their job easily and properly, just in time, just in place. The user can be confident that he can do his job correctly and safely, in a pleasant and modern way. Training on the job is possible, just in time. The user can be sure that his comments for improvement will be used and be valued.

The app is integrated with planning software. Information and comments on the tasks completed are received by the planning software. This provides control over the processes and makes it possible to improve. For the organisation, this leads to control, better performances of equipment, ensured quality of work, savings in cost and time and continuous improvement.

Targeted audience: Industry, energy sector, infra sector, machine and equipment building