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Setting the Stage - Toward More Effective Chats

Jang Graat | 2. day, Workshop, Room 1

Chatbots have quickly become hip and hot but all too often completely overrated.

Experiments with general purpose chatbots like Microsoft’s Tay have proven to be disastrous. On the other hand, scripted conversations with human chat agents often just get us aggravated instead of solving any problems.

This workshop outlines a strategy that uses the best of both worlds - flowcharts with embedded, scoped AI cells - makung the scenarios less rigid and the AI more effective.


- Presenting two basic strategies: scenarios (service bots) and full AI (chatbots). - Showing the limitations of both strategies.
- Outlining how a combination of these two strategies overcomes the limitations on both sides.
- Proof of concept in a real-life example, based on BPMN and AIML.
- Leading the audience through the design process based on an open source BPMN tool.
- When available, open source AIML tools are going to be used as well. If this proves to be too hard to realise, there will be access to web-based previously prepared AIML components.