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Getting Hit by a Bus or Driving it?

Lecture, 1. day

Information 4.0 is hot, no doubt about it! It has captured the attention of many of the “thinkers” in our field, and practitioners want to know how to apply what they know about it to their day-to-day activities. It’s strategic. It’s important. The possibilities are huge! 

But it also represents a point in time…time that marches on to the next big thing. And that marching is a perennial problem for professionals in the information industry. How do we keep up — or at least not get too far behind? Better yet, how do we lead and drive the changes we know we need in our industry and the world…the changes that might just become “the next big thing?”

Andrea has spent her career looking for and driving strategy and innovation in the information world: from designing and developing HTML-based user assistance before it was cool in 1995-96 to designing and driving dynamic user assistance in 2006 to developing social and community strategy for technical documentation in 2007 to creating content strategy for cognitive computing and driving significant design focus (and eventually Design Thinking) into content creation process in 2012.

In this session, she will share with you her perspective on the possibilities of Information 4.0 and why you should care, how to make the most of the knowledge that awaits you in the Information 4.0 sessions on Thursday, and how to approach this learning opportunity and apply her top tips for staying strategic today, tomorrow, and beyond.