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Feeding the Bot: Getting the right answer to the right person at the right place and time

Steffen Frederiksen | Lecture, 1. day

Across the world, many industries (financial services, pharma, hi-tech manufacturing and more) are working on implementing artificial intelligence and software robots (bots), for example as a chat-bot that user can get help from directly.

Technologies such as IBM’s Watson and Microsoft’s Azure LUIS will be mentioned. This presentation will focus on how the CONTENT you feed into these systems has a dramatic and direct impact on the results you get, how quickly you get results and the investment needed:

  • topic-based modular content
  • one question = one answer = one topic
  • rich metadata sets
  • actionable content object-oriented content – with built-in methods

Examples on how this can be achieved in a real customer facing financial services application will be shown.