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Documentation as part of the development process

Brigit van Loggem | Lecture, 2. day

An often-heard complaint from technical writers is their dependence on other stakeholders such as developers and testers.

When the documentation is produced in a separate process, after other processes have been completed, it stands little chance of ever being completely up-to-date nor of being delivered on time. Embedding the documentation process in the wider process of software development offers not only a solution to these problems, but will also make creating the documentation considerably less work-intensive and error-prone.

In this presentation, we will therefore discuss how to make documentation development part of the overall development process -- whether this is agile or waterfall. It will be shown how without any additional tooling, a working method can be set up in which all stakeholders work together to achieve the common goal of well-functioning, well-documented software. By making the most of the different strengths that each role brings to the job, the total effort involved is minimized.