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Changing the Industry Standard for User Manuals

Willemijn Schneyder | Lecture, 1. day

"Why is a user manual still printed?"

"Why do we still write tons of text that nobody understand?"

"Why to I get 10 booklets when I can only understand my own language?"

"Why does the user manuals never answer the questions I encounter?"

"And why do I have to google myself blue in the face when I run in to trouble before I get to the right answer?"

Just a snapshot of the questions we get when talking to consumers. Our insight is that current user manuals and instructions are thus ineffective.

At SwipeGuide we used those insights to develop a disruptive approach to user guides and user manuals. One that empowers companies and their employees to create the best instruction experience possible by delivering an intuitive cloud software platform which allows them to create, edit and share (interactive and) visual step-by-step instructions for real-time use on mobile devices.

With the SwipeGuide platform anyone - whether you are a manufacturer of a coffee machine, a self-built bike or a sphygmomanometer - can easily create effective instructions for use without being a technical writer or instructional designer.

With our mobile app end-users get the best instruction experience possible. The right instruction is always at your fingertips. Visual, step-by-step, anywhere and anytime. No more paper wasted on manuals, no more time wasted googling for you problems. Just scan the tag and go ahead.

We’re on a journey to rock the industry and shift standards. Curious to see where we are on that journey? Come join us on May 17 at Information Energy 2017.