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Can Computers Create Content?

Reinoud Kaasschieter | Lecture, 1. day

Artificial Intelligence and Cognitive Computing can now help to interpret written texts and derive insights from it. For instance, ROSS can tackle law documents, by finding the relevant law texts and jurisprudence for a given case. IBM Watson can help find the appropriate medical information about rare syndromes.

Computational Creativity is on the rise and every day new examples are being published. Computers help to create film trailers, musical compositions and write news articles. But can Artificial Intelligence and Cognitive Computing be truly creative, finding new solutions for problems?

Can computers become creative, write articles or design new products? What can we expect from computers when writing texts? Will creative computing computers eventually replace creators?
This short presentation will not answer all the questions, but will try to shine some light on the near future of artificial creativity.

Targeted audience: Everyone who is curious about what the future of computing will bring.