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Building an Enterprise-wide Content Platform – and Why DITA Will Fail

Dave White | Lecture, 1. day

Content requirements have evolved so significantly that Gartner recently replaced coverage of ECM with a new category called Content Services. Attendees will gain insight on how to react to this new era of content management, which will involve finding and implementing new content related technologies and consolidating when possible.

It’s time to re-evaluate content strategies with the aim of implementing a cross-department content solution, but where to begin? Attendees will receive tried-and-true advice on how to fully understand their content requirements.Armed with content requirements, the next step is to identify the solutions that will serve a wide range of content types and contributors. Typically, organizations find that only technical experts are comfortable working with DITA. Attendees will learn about alternative solutions for both technical and non-technical authors.Lastly, change is hard! Attendees will get tips for managing the cultural change required to gain adoption for content automation.