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A Strategy for Structured Content

Rahel Anne Bailie, Erik M. Hartman | 2. day, Lecture

A Strategy for Structured Content is an informal meeting with Q&A about structured content and information strategy. Anything you’ve always wanted to ask about the benefits of structured content, the benefits of a content strategy and how these fit together: ask Erik Hartman and Rahel Anne Bailie.

Practitioners discuss the benefits of structured content and the strategies for it, but don't really talk about the multiple aspects of developing an environment to support and maintain such an initiative. Whether the pain points are the "soft skills" related to change management  and governance, or the binary decisions around tools and technologies, there are lots of threads that need to join up to create an environment that works. Join us for an informal session where Erik Hartman and Rahel Bailie will cover the highlights, and you can ask questions.