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Program 2017

Please find here the program of Information Energy 2017.
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Agenda May 17

time event

Walk In, registration, coffee


Opening Keynote: Digital Transformation

Jeannine Peek

Focusing on people will sail us smoothly into the future

Rosário Durão

Coffee break

Content Automation – The Future Is Now

Dave White

Feeding the Bot: Getting the right answer to the right person at the...

Steffen Frederiksen

Changing the Industry Standard for User Manuals

Willemijn Schneyder

The CMS Survey

Joyce Karreman

Bots and Why the Hell Use them?

Arthur Boivin

Information 4.0: State of the Art – an Introduction

Andy McDonald


Vendor market

Doc4Zero Need a FrameMaker Solution? Ask the Doctor!

Jang Graat

Building an Enterprise-wide Content Platform – and Why DITA Will Fail

Dave White

InstructionLAB: find the Instruction Journey

Daan Assen

The Future of Documentation at Work - a Real Life Case

Peter van Bart

Can Computers Create Content?

Reinoud Kaasschieter

Molecular Information and its Impact

Andy McDonald

Structured Content Authoring, a Main-Stream Thing

Jan Benedictus

Learning from Amazon for Delivering Content to Your Customer

Sebastian Göttel

Challenges in Managing Information at International Organisations and...

Ertan Cako, Jones Lukose Ongalo

Content Strategy: It’s All about the Journey

Marie Girard

The Strange Case of the Future of Content: More Watson than Holmes

Rob Gillespie

Molecular Content in Volatile Contexts

Ray Gallon

Are You Ready for the Automation Era? How Content Automation Can...

Alex Masycheff

Content Architecture, Classification and Knowledge Graphs

Ian Piper

"Tell it Directly!" – How Integrated Information Interfaces Will...

Matthias Peissner


Getting Hit by a Bus or Driving it?

Internet Governance and Online Freedom

Erik Huizer


Social Drinks

The famous Information Energy Dinner

The even more famous Information Energy Party

Music, dance, drinks and bites (23:00 p.m.)

Agenda May 18

time event

Walk In, registration, coffee

The Hidden Potential of Structured Content

Rahel Anne Bailie

Information Strategy Game –an intelligent content survival kit

Erik M. Hartman

Contextual Information to Empower the Human in Industry 4.0

Matthias Peissner

Coffee break

TecCOMFrame: From a competence framework to academic training programs...

Birgitta Meex, Joyce Karreman

Design Thinking and Service Design Workshop (Part 1)

Rosário Durão

Context and Contextuality in Information 4.0

Ray Gallon

How to Make My Content Actionable? - From Strings to Things, and from...

Ian Piper, Sebastian Gabler

Mapping Conversational Support in Information 4.0

Arthur Boivin, Andy McDonald

Successfully Shaping the Future Profession of Technical Communicator

Heike Hellmich, Daniela Straub

Structured Content Authoring for All: Supporting Structured Content...

Jan Benedictus


Vendor market

Doc4Zero Need a FrameMaker Solution? Ask the Doctor!

Jang Graat

Intelligent Information Is Great for Users and Authors

Sebastian Göttel

Getting Strategic with Information 4.0

Marie Girard

Design Thinking and Service Design Workshop (Part 2)

Rosário Durão

A Strategy for Structured Content

Rahel Anne Bailie, Erik M. Hartman

Documentation as part of the development process

Brigit van Loggem

Dynamic Delivery – Meaning, Intelligence and Beyond

Mark Poston

Panel: Ethics and Responsibility

Willam van Weelden, Jang Graat, Andy McDonald, Ray Gallon

Lost in the jungle of information? From chm to faceted search in html5...

Martina van den Heuvel

Content Automation in Action

Ulrich Haag

Using Bots to Boost Access to Information (Practitioner Workshop)

Radu Tut, Steffen Frederiksen

Cultural Differences and User Instructions: Comparisons of 100 Chinese...

Qian Li

Managing a Content Automation Initiative

Alex Masycheff

Debate: Information 4.0 – Next Steps and Needs for Industry Standards

Break, IOTYA

Panel and Workshop: Using Content Automation to Improve Cognitive...

Dave White, Alex Masycheff, Reinoud Kaasschieter

Picking Up the Pieces – What have we learned?

Industry 4.0, Information 4.0, Content 4.0, Communication 4.0.


Lecture | Workshop | Break | Dinner | Party | Closing