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Keynote: How devices will observe and perceive in the future: Advances in AI through Ubiquitous perception

Dr. Stephan Sigg | 1. day, Lecture

In this keynote presentation, Stephan Sigg, a professor and researcher at Aalto University in Finland, discusses advanced research he and his colleagues are doing into future technologies that will change the way we live and work.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is about to drastically change and advance current patterns in work and private environments. We are moving towards a world of ubiquitous perception and intelligent, interactive environments in which smart IoT objects interact with human actors and with the cloud, edge or 'fog'. This global perception, generates immense amounts of data that constitute a rich source for AI. Examples are approaches to context prediction or pro-active computing that analyse typical patterns and trends in order to anticipate upcoming events or changes.
Also, activity recognition is moving towards the recognition of worker skill, intention and even emotion and has the potential to drastically improve the understanding and reaction to work conditions and productive performance constraints. We will discuss the potential of Ubiquitous sensing from WiFi and backscatter-equipped battery-free sensors.

Finally, the talk will promote advances in usable security exploiting such global perception through ubiquitously deployed sensors and motivate security by design concepts, through which security ceases to be a hassle for device interaction but, instead seamlessly integrates in natural service usage and interaction.
Sigg’s presentation is designed to stimulate discussion about where we are going with technology and information. At the end of the 2-day conference, he will participate in a panel discussion where we try to imagine the next steps.