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An introduction to iiRDS, the new content delivery standard

Ulrike Parson, Sebastian Göttel, Ralf Robers | 2. day, Room 2, Workshop

In 2016 tekom started its working group "Information 4.0" to elaborate concepts and standards for technical communication in the context of "Internet of things" or "Industry 4.0". The key working result has been the creation of the open source standard "iiRDS": intelligent information Request and Delivery Standard.

Ralf Robers:

In this talk the audience will first get a short introduction about purpose, concept and potential benefits of iiRDS. This overview is followed by a brief status report of the current rollout implementation and how the entire technical communication community may contribute to it.

Ulrike Parson: 

The digital transformation challenges the traditional ways of publishing technical documentation to our users. For the new usage scenarios, we need to deliver modular, adaptable content enriched with metadata. For content delivery scenarios in the connected industry, standardized metadata is required that enables the aggregation of content from different manufacturers.

Participants will learn about:

• Scope and requirements for iiRDS '
• The iiRDS ontology: main classes, relations, and domains
• How to apply iiRDS as a company

Sebastian Göttel

Showcase on "How Robots and Content Delivery Systems interact thanks to iiRDS"