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Call for Papers

The call for papers is still open until Nov 23!

Conference Theme: "Looking at things that work"

Deadlines for submission:

There are two submission deadlines this year. The early bird deadline is Oct 26. Early bird submissions will be examined and accepted starting Oct 27. The final deadline is Nov 23. Proposals accepted in this round will receive presenter slots as available after the early bird round.

Get your proposal in early to guaranty a slot!

Types of submissions accepted:

  • Presentations: 40 minutes, including questions and answers
  • Workshops: 1,5-2 hours, including setup. These must be interactive, hands-on workshops for participants. Long presentations are not acceptable.
  • Short interactive sessions on a topic related to our theme (you will present the topic and lead the discussion, with help from Information Energy staff).

Sample topic ideas:

  • Predictive maintenance Information and the Industrial Internet of Things (IIOT)
  • The changing structure of learning under the influence of Information 4.0.
  • Semantic AI - where are these technologies going and how can they help us?
  • Other topics, or projects you might be working on, that relate to our conference theme.

How to submit your proposal

Please use the following guidelines when submitting a proposal:

  • Indicate whether you are proposing a presentation (April 11) or a workshop (April 12).
  • Only topics directly related to the theme of the conference will be considered (including workshops).
  • Submissions for topic and presentation must be new material, not previously presented.
  • Be specific: Provide a detailed explanation, including the format of the topic, points covered and visual presentation.
  • Include a list of take-aways attendees will receive from the presentation. 
  • Sales presentations will not be considered.
  • Describe the interactive component of the proposed workshop. 
  • Tool-focused workshop proposals will not be considered. Workshops can teach how to do something, develop a use case, or present a practical application of concepts, and must engage participants in hands-on exercises.


If you already have an existing user account, please submit your proposal by using the Conference Tool.

Click here to read the step-by-step instructions.

Evaluation of the papers submitted

Papers will be selected by an advisory board that consists of members of the consortium Information 4.0 and tekom Europe.

Reviewers: Ray Gallon, Andy McDonald, Toni Ressaire, Michael Fritz

If you have any questions, please contact event(at)

 We look forward to hearing from you!