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Call for Papers Now OpenSpecialists from the worlds of information and technology

Call for Papers 

Specialists from the worlds of information and technology

Guidelines for Submitting

Please use the following guidelines before submitting your proposal:

  • Indicate whether you are proposing a presentation (March 1) or a workshop (March 2).
  • Only topics directly related to the theme of the conference will be considered (including workshops).
  • Submissions for topic and presentation must be new material, not previously presented.
  • Be specific: Provide a detailed explanation, including the format of the topic, points covered and visual presentation.
  • Include a list of take-aways attendees will receive from the presentation.
  • Sales presentations will not be considered.
  • Describe the interactive component of the proposed workshop.
  • Tool-focused workshop proposals will not be considered. Workshops could teach “how to”, develop a use case, or present a practical application of concepts.