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Call for Papers Now OpenSpecialists from the worlds of information and technology

Call for Papers 

Specialists from the worlds of information and technology

Call for Papers

We would like to invite you to submit your proposals for Information Energy 2018!
The call for papers is running until November 8, 2017.

This is your chance to tell your story, share best practices or present your ideas on "Empowering intelligent technologies"

Sample topic ideas

We are looking for interesting proposals for presentations and/or workshops in the following areas:

  • Satisfying users with chatbots
  • Speech driven machines
  • Language driven machines
  • Deep learning
  • Natural communication
  • Role of humans in intelligent technology
  • Semantic technologies
  • What is semantic tech and where is it going?
  • Domain specific ontologies

Target audience

The conference is targeted at technologists who can gain insight into how information fits into the technology they’re designing. Information specialists can learn about the new intelligent technologies and how they affect information flow.

How to submit your proposal

Types of submissions accepted:

•    Presentations: 40 minutes, including questions and answers

•    Workshops: 2 hours, including setup.


Please submit your proposal by using the Conference Tool.

Click here to read the step-by-step instructions. 


Please use the following guidelines when submitting a proposal:

•    Indicate whether you are proposing a presentation (March 1) or a workshop (March 2).
•    Only topics directly related to the theme of the conference will be considered (including workshops).
•    Submissions for topic and presentation must be new material, not previously presented.
•    Be specific: Provide a detailed explanation, including the format of the topic, points covered and visual presentation.
•    Include a list of take-aways attendees will receive from the presentation.
•    Sales presentations will not be considered.
•    Describe the interactive component of the proposed workshop.
•    Tool-focused workshop proposals will not be considered. Workshops could teach “how to”, develop a use case, or present a practical application of concepts.

Evaluation of the papers submitted

Papers will be selected by an advisory board that consists of members of the consortium Information 4.0 and tekom Europe.

If you have any questions, please contact event(at)

 We look forward to hearing from you!